Washer Operation & Troubleshooting

Starting the Washer 

  1. Load the clothes loosely in the cylinder and latch the door securely. Be sure clothing does not get caught between the door gasket and tub front when closing the door.
  2. Pour low-sudsing powdered or liquid detergent into the detergent dispenser on top of the machine. Rinse conditioners may also be added to the dispenser. The correct location is shown on the dispenser lid. If you are using Tide Pods, or similar, put it in the cylinder with the clothes, not in the soap dispenser.
  3. NOTE: To close the door, the handle must be in the horizontal position and then moved to the vertical position. After moving the door to the closed position, the handle must be turned down to the vertical position to latch the door for machine operation.
  4. Using the temperature select buttons on the front, select the desired temperature.
  5. Insert coins, tokens or activate card reader to meet displayed vending price. The washer will start. If not, then try wiggling the handle.
  6. At the correct time in the wash bath cycle, the green “add bleach” light will come on, indicating the time and showing a diagram of the location for adding bleach if desired. Approximately two and a half minutes after start of wash bath the light will come on and stay on for two and a half minutes or until end of wash bath.
  7. End of Cycle. When the cycle is completed, the end of cycle buzzer will sound, and the “on” light will go off. The loading door can now be opened by turning the door handle to the indicated position and pulling. Leave the clothes door open when the machine is not in use. Also, at the end of cycle the display will reset to the original amount required to start.