Amenities at Bloomington Street Laundromania

Laundromania has some amazing amenities like:

  • Air Conditioned Location
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Cable TV
  • TV
  • Ample parking
  • Clean facility
  • Coin-op laundry soap dispenser
  • Laundry carts
  • Supplies
  • Soda and candy/chips vending machines
  • Close to the University of Iowa
Free 24 hour wifi

Washing machines at Bloomington Street Laundromania

Double load · T-300

Dexter thoroughbred 300 washing machine

$2.50/20 lbs. load

Triple load · T-400

Dexter thoroughbred 400 washing machine

$4.00/30 lbs. load

Giant load · Wascomat

Wascomat emerald E655 55lb cap giant

$6.00/50 lbs. load

Thoroughbred 900

Dexter thoroughbred 900 washing machine

$7.00/60lb load

Clothes dryers at Bloomington Street Laundromania

T-30×2 Express

Dexter Laundry T-30 x 2 express dryer

25¢ for 7 min/30 lb. load

Speed Queen

Speed queen stack dryers

25¢ for 7 min/30 lb. load

Payment Methods at Bloomington Street Laundromania

How Credit Cards Work at Laundromania

Q: How will I know if my Credit Card statement is accurate? Can I get a receipt?

A: Yes, please use this secure link to our Virtual Storefront to view your usage and print a receipt.  Note: Transactions may not be posted on the same day your card is scanned. Virtual Storefront’s Transaction Date may be a few days after the Date Scanned.


Q: How will I know which machines accept Credit Cards?

A: Each equipped machine has a special reader.

Q: I used my Credit Card on a few machines, but when I checked my Credit/Debit account online I noticed a $20 “charge”. Can you explain?

A: Yes, the $20 is only an authorization. It is not a charge, but it does take away from your available credit for one or two days. Only your actual total or “bundled” charges will appear on your month-end statement. It can be sometimes be difficult to see the difference between an authorization and a charge when you check your CC activity online. [more about authorizations]

Change machine and sink at Bloomington Street Laundromania downtown Iowa City

Change machine and sink at Bloomington Street Laundromania downtown Iowa City

Q: I noticed that not all machines are equipped with the readers. Why?

A: We are testing the popularity of the readers at this time. We will listen to customer feedback, and increase quantity as the program popularity grows.

Q: Will my credit card statement show a separate charge for each machine used?

A: No. The daily charges will be bundled together as one. Card activity within three hours of another swipe will result in a single charge on your bill. To see an itemization of machines used, click here “Itemization.” Please search multiple dates, as charges may post later.

Q: Will I be charged extra fees to use a Credit Card?

A: No, at this time Laundromania is absorbing those fees.

Q: I am not sure if the machine took my money twice. How will I know?

A: Washing machine readers will “lock out” for 23 minutes after a swipe is accepted. 23 minutes is the approximate cycle time of a washer.

Q: Can I get extra drying time by swiping my credit card twice?

A: Yes. Dryers will allow multiple swipes. Each accepted swipe will authorize the computer for more time, just like multiple quarters add extra time.

Credit Cards accepted at Laundromania

Refunds at Sycamore Mall Laundromania

How to Get a Refund: Get a “Refund Slip”.

The refund slip is designed to offer you an easy way to get a refund, and to prevent others from experiencing aggravation due to malfunctions.

The top part of the form should have an adhesive backing.

  • Enter machine number and date
  • Remove the Tape backing
  • Please stick this to the machine.
  • Fill out the bottom part of the form with your information to get a refund.
  • If you explain what went wrong, it will help us diagnose the problem.


If we need to call you to get your name and address it will add 1-2 weeks to the refund time.

Why do we ask for phone and email addresses?  If we can’t duplicate the problem, or have questions we may try to contact you.  Most of the time with a decent description of the problem we can figure it out without a call.

Laundromania get a refund slip.

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phone: (319) 351-9616

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Water Softener

Water Softener By Kinetico:

QC SoftWater installed our Kinetico water softener at our Bloomington location.

About Water Hardness:

Did you know the term “hardness” was initially applied to water that was hard to wash in. Water is considered very hard when measured over 10 grains, Iowa City’s water is delivered at 7 to 8 grains. Our Bloomington Street location near downtown Iowa City is softened to zero grains.
According to the Water Quality Association, “In washing machines, softened water can reduce detergent use by 50% and save energy by making it possible to wash in the cold (60ºF) rather than hot (100ºF) water. Cold water washes with softened water achieved the same or better results when it came to removing stains and whitening fabrics.”